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Rocket past the limits of reading at the same pace you speak and easily extract, grasp, and remember more in minutes-not hours-all without 'traditional' speed reading techniques. Guaranteed.

Dear ,


I've read more books in the last 12 months than in the past 10 years combined, all in a fraction of the time. My only regret is that I couldn't do this in college! I would have enjoyed so many more fun-filled nights!

I'm sure you've heard of speed reading before. Want to know the secret? You learn to move your eyes at a faster pace. What I'm about to share with you is not speed reading. It's a not a fitness course for your eyes. It's an entirely different form of reading and you probably won't believe me until you try it for yourself. I certainly was skeptical at first. After all, it's my job to offer the best self-improvement products and my reputation and business would be at risk if I made misleading recommendations.

Here are just a few of the benefits of becoming a fellow PhotoReader:

  • Read your daily newspapers thoroughly in 15-30 minutes
  • Completely finish professional journals and industry magazines in the same time it now takes you to read one article
  • Keep up with the latest business books and advance your career
  • Pursue a Master's degree with ease and experience college in way you never imagined possible
  • Finish an entire book in one evening in the time it takes most people to read a few chapters
  • Read reports in 11-14 minutes that used to require hours…especially useful for engineers, data processing specialists, project managers, and executives
  • Extract all of the information you need out of reference/computer manuals in minutes, not hours
  • Keep up with Continuing Professional Education in a fraction of the time with higher comprehension…a must in the fields of law, accounting, dentistry, nursing and real estate
  • Review enormous volumes of case law books in minutes. It's now easy to pull key points from reference materials!
  • Earn more money by quickly learning wealth-building and investment strategies
  • Read a book in 30 minutes and be able to talk about it for 10 minutes. Prepare a report or give a presentation without advance notice
  • Spend more time with your family and avoid having to bring home work-related reading
  • Take advantage of trends and opportunities or become a thought-leader by being able to quickly read two-dozen books on a single topic. Determine where you can make a personal contribution.
  • Permanently stop any backtracking while reading, daydreaming, or forgetting what you just learned with one simple technique
  • Learn an advanced way to create a visual outline that allows you to capture dozens of pages of notes on a single page…with rapid recall in the future
  • Avoid falling asleep by harnessing the power of having a clear purpose before you start reading
  • Learn why reading a book straight from cover to cover is detrimental to comprehension and long-term retention
  • Join over 300,000 customers just like you who have improved their lives by learning to PhotoRead

The average person reads at 240 words a minute or less

As children we were taught to read out loud. It's not necessary but how else would our teachers know that we were learning? This is why your reading speed matches your speaking speed. And if you live in parts of the country where people tend to speak a bit slower than your reading speed will be slower.

About five years ago I bought a computer program that promised to triple my reading speed. For two whole months, I practiced reading drills for 15 minutes a day and guess what? After I stopped using the program, my reading speed quickly slowed back down to normal.

PhotoReading produced an instant change in a single weekend that still serves me to this day. Paragraphs will literally jump out at you. You'll read quickly because everything somehow looks you've seen it before. There's nothing you have to try to overcome or work through. It just happens without any drills.

You really can learn to read at 25,000 words a minute!

Suddenly a car drifts into your lane. Without realizing it you hit the brakes, swerve, and avoid an accident just in time. You never saw the car coming-yet your subconscious mind pushed you into action. Your mind pays attention to more than you think. After all, you don't have to actively control your heartbeat or breathing.

With PhotoReading you'll blast printed materials into your brain at phenomenal rates. You actually "mentally photograph" pages at 25,000 words a minute. That's a page per second or faster! You capture more information than you can actively focus on and you use the powerful abilities of your beyond-conscious mind for processing. It sounds strange, I know. But it's no big deal. You'll be doing this within the first 30 minutes of using your course. Keep in mind that the best 'traditional' speed reading courses can only get you to 800 words a minute. This is completely different.

Become an INSTANT math, physics, engineering and chemistry genius!

Just kidding there's no way. You can quickly learn all of the concepts in textbooks related to these subjects, but you still have to do the exercises. Sorry. Theory is one thing practice is another. If I ever find a course that lets you sleep on a book and wake up with the knowledge through osmosis, you'll be the first to know. In the meantime, PhotoReading is the closest thing I can offer you.

You Won't Use PhotoReading For Everything

One of the key assumptions in PhotoReading is that you have limited time. However, I personally don't see the point in PhotoReading fiction. That's how I unwind. I read my favorite novels the way I always have...nice and slow so that I can thoroughly enjoy the experience. Why would I want to rush the action?

When it comes to my regular reading, now that's a different story.

Use this skill EVERY DAY for the REST OF YOUR LIFE

Before I learned to PhotoRead my assistant and employees would always joke about the overflowing inbox hanging outside of my office door. Dozens of magazines and trade journals were piling up. In my office, I had stacks of magazines and mail that I just didn't have time to read. I didn't dump them because I felt guilty like I could be missing something important. Occasionally, I would take them home and before I knew it I had piles of unread magazines there as well, in addition to the half-read books stacked on top of each other. I actually thought I would finish reading them some day!

All of this changed within a week after I learned how to PhotoRead.

One key thing this course has taught me is to have a clear purpose while reading. When it comes to magazines and trade journals, I'm now flying through material while having my mind search for trends, tactics, and new marketing opportunities. I've used PhotoReading for e-mail and e-books as well often at blazing speeds because I can press the page down button on my keyboard faster than I can flip pages in a book.

The Greatest Gift You Could Ever Give a Student

Imagine spending only 1 hour instead of 6-10 hours studying. Using PhotoReading, students can go through an entire semester of college texts the first night they purchase their books. Then, during the semester, they'll spend only minutes per chapter to prepare for class assignments. When (or if!!) they attend class, the lectures will trigger recognition of the information. All of this reduces stress and any guilt about going out and having fun...while improving academic performance.


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TRY IT FREE for 30 Days Without Paying Anything...

I use what I've learned from this course EVERY SINGLE DAY. I believe in this product so much that I want you to TRY IT FOR FREE! ON ME. I want this to be the easiest decision you've ever made! Use PhotoReading for 30 days and only pay if you decide to keep your course. If not, return it and pay nothing. We'll only bill you after we know that you're satisfied. It's risk free.

Experience this gift for yourself. I read 12 books the same weekend that I learned to PhotoRead. I'm still amazed it's so easy! The other remarkable aspect of this course is how you feel physically while reading.

Have you even had that feeling of being 'in the zone' - where everything just flows naturally and effortlessly? That's exactly what it feels like to PhotoRead. You learn a relaxation technique that only takes seconds and puts you in that frame of mind any time you want. I'm so much more productive at work whenever I use this technique. It's like I've got a sense of flow - you know, the kind you get when you're about to go on vacation and are wrapping up any loose ends.

Here's What You Get With Your FREE 30-DAY TRIAL

Order Today And I'll Throw In FREE Shipping (A $21 Value)

If you decide to take advantage of this generous offer and order today, your order will ship for FREE using the same shipping type you've already selected.

You'll pay absolutely nothing if you decide to return your course. Keep in mind that other “FREE Trial” offers are not really free. They ask you to cover shipping. I'm taking care of that for you.

Receive a 45% Discount Off of Our Regular Price

I want you to prove to yourself that PhotoReading really works. That's why I'm offering you a RISK FREE 30-DAY TRIAL. Once you decide to keep the course I will give you a 45% discount off of our regular price of $236. I want PhotoReading to be affordable for everyone so you will only make 1 easy payment of only $129. Just click the Yes button at the bottom of this page to add this RISK FREE TRIAL course to your existing order before it ships.

Order Today and Receive 2 Additional Bonuses Worth $55

BONUS #1: Memory Supercharger Bonus CD – This paraliminal learning session will greatly increase your ability to concentrate and remember what you read. (A $30 value)

BONUS #2: Natural Brilliance Book - Paul Scheele's popular book that shows you how to overcome any challenges at will. You should PhotoRead this book. Its powerful message will become a natural part of your approach to life and learning. (A $25 value)

Add Time to Your Life AND Reduce Stress!

  • Get through books in one-third of the time it would normally take…or less
  • Feel confident that you can quickly learn and apply what you need from any type of printed material
  • Keep up with the latest trends and new ideas by understanding the gist of any book in 3 to 5 minutes
  • Improve productivity by identifying and remembering key points from reports or books in 10 minutes
  • Build your vocabulary quickly by PhotoReading a dictionary
  • Be more relaxed and confident by going through large volumes of information without the tension or stress of speed reading
  • Keep up with your reading by identifying key concepts in magazine and journal articles in 30 to 60 seconds
  • Be more organized and save time by promptly handling incoming mail
  • Improve creativity and problem solving by taking control of vital information
  • Build even greater comprehension and understanding from complex books
  • Learn a 10-second relaxation technique to activate a natural accelerated learning state that eliminates stress and keeps you focused and alert


I don't want you to pay for something that doesn't work. Order today and you can try PhotoReading for 30 days, free of charge.

PhotoReading is like learning to ride a bike. Once you learn the concept of balance, you'll never forget it. I promise you'll love this course...and if for some reason you don't, just send it back and you won't pay anything at all.

, you really can read information virtually at the speed of light. This super-fast learning technology activates your natural ability to quickly and easily absorb information whether it's from books, magazines, or even business and technical reading. PhotoReading is one of America's best-selling reading courses. Order today and this skill will serve you for the rest of your life!

Click the Yes button at the bottom of this page to add this FREE TRIAL course to your existing order before it ships. I promise that you'll read and comprehend information faster than you ever thought possible.

Warmest regards,

Alan English Founder, Stroll
Alan English

P.S. When reading for the purpose of writing a college paper, Sue Boehlke spent a mere 30 minutes to study a 600 page book. Another PhotoReader reported reading hundreds of photocopies plus a book in 70 minutes to write a master's level paper. In both cases, the students received an "A" for their work.

P.P.S. My friend attended an intensive 5-week Educational Psychology course in which the class studied a thick textbook. During those weeks, he invested only 78 minutes of reading time. The professor who was a recognized national expert gave him an "A" on his 2-hour essay-based final exam. The class was a vacation for him. Yet many students complained of having to read for 9 hours in one weekend to study just 2 of the chapters.

P.P.P.S. This is a fantastic opportunity to receive a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL, FREE SHIPPING, a 45% discount pay only $129, and 2 exclusive bonuses worth $55. I really want you to have this life-changing skill. Try it! There's no risk to you. Are you ready to create more time and less stress in your life and commit yourself fully to personal achievement and success?


Here's why I'm adding this course to my order:

  • FREE Trial
  • Pay Nothing for 30 Days
  • 8 CDs, a 68-page Manual, and a Dictionary
  • 2 Additional Bonuses worth $55
  • 1 Easy Payment of $129 (a 45% discount!)
  • FREE Shipping for this course
  • FREE Shipping for my existing order

I will receive the PhotoReading course in addition to my existing order. I understand that I will have 30 days to evaluate this PhotoReading course before my credit card is charged.



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